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Image / Gmail Sign Up :If you are looking for the best webmail services;  don’t waste your time in thinking about alternative webmail service and join Gmail. Gmail was originated in 2004 and it took a boost in 2007 when it becomes open to community as a public portal. The best point of Gmail at that time was gigabyte storage; Gmail was the first web services offering the initial storage as in terms of gigabyte. Over the time, when it is interlinked with google, the storage capacity increased to 15GB whenever you become the new user after successful sign up.
The main pillar for Gmail success is google. The inter co-relation between these two communities makes the life of professionals easier. You can sink your all devices with their required credentials by using Gmail account. The interface of Gmail is too easy to understand and run. You can make the folder, you can label your important threads etc.
Why should we get services from Gmail?' Following are the main u…